Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hello 2008

I know it's been like forever but rest assured that books have been piling up both on the TBR(To Be Read) and AR(Already Read) list. I dont really remember which ones I read this year or last year but I think I'll just start with the ones I distinctly remember reading this year hehe.


Authors I have discovered or rediscovered recently are Nora Roberts, I didn't read her books before because she didn't really seem like my type I don't know why. I had the impression that she was very Danielle Steele which I don't have anything I guess but those kinds of theme are too soap operaish for me. Anyway, I discovered the HIbiya LIbrary in Tokyo with it's supposedly 4,600 foreign books (seemed less though) and it had foreign novels!!! halleluiah! some of the books were older ones and some of the series books had only one book (ie sheerily kenyon sins of the night, feehan's dark melody) but beggars can't be chooseres haha SO anyway, I eneded up borrowing Robert's Key trilogy ( they have around 20 or roberts books) and I loved it!!!! Went through all of them, well almost all of them but have so much more to read!!!!

Late 2007 list (Character in Bold are books I particularly like)

Nora Roberts

1.Cordina's royal family : Gabriella & Alexander

2.Red Lily

3.Northern lights

4.Night tales : Night shift ; Night shadow

5.Cordina's royal family: Bennet

6.Blue dahlia

7.Key of valor

8.Key of knowledge

9.Key of light

10.Engaging the enemy

11. Morrigan's Cross (Circle Trilogy )

12.Dance of the Gods (Circle Trilogy )

13.Valley of Silence (Circle Trilogy )

14.Going home

15.Three fates

16.Midnight Bayou

17.The villa

18.Carnal innocence

19.River's end

20.The reef


22.Montana sky



24. MIdnight for Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo