Wednesday, January 07, 2009

130. The Kitchen Witch by Annette Blair

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Rating: B

Series: Accidental Witch Book 1

"When a single-dad TV executive hires Melody Seabright--a flaky rich girl and rumored witch--as his babysitter, she magically lands her own cooking show...and makes sparks fly."

This is actually my second book from the author, but this is one of her earlier books and is the first book in the Accidental Witch Series. As her other book had more magic and with the title I assumed that this one would contain the same elements, but the witch in the title pretty much worked like a gimmick as in the tv show. I liked Melody and all the other supporting characters especially Shane but the reasons for Logan not pursuing a relationship with Melody and both realizing they should be together was too short and rushed for me, a little late. It was a cute and funny read though. had potential. Would probably read the next book too.

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