Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Decided to specify my rating system. Don't want to assume hehe
A : Favorite
B+ : Very good
B : NOt Bad, good
C+ : OK
C : didn't like it so much but something about it didn't satisfy me
C-: Didnt't like it

64. Dancing With Werewolves (Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator #1) by Carole Nelson Douglas
Rating: B.
Comment: Was pretty intersting although it took me awhile to read. would read the next one though

63. Undead and Unwelcome (Queen Betsy #8) by MaryJanice Davidson C+
Rating: C+
Comment: It wasn't bad but didn't really leave me excited in the end. She should have just separated the two narratives.

62. Skin Trade (Anita Blake #17) by Laurell K Hamilton
Rating: C+
Comment: Started out pretty well for the buildup but just lost me in the end.

61. Spiral Hunt by Margaret Ronald
Rating: B
Comment: Not Bad. I'm happy to hear there is a second book and possibly a third book to make it a trilogy.

60. The Devil You Know (Morgan Kingsley #2) by Jenna Black
Rating: B+
Comment: Comparing this to the first book, I liked this one better by a mile. Morgan didn't really annoy me that much here as oppose to the first book.

59. The Devil's Due (Morgan Kingsley #3) by Jenna Black
Rating: B
Comment: Like the second one better but still it was pretty good. I can say I am really getting into this series now

58. Wicked Lovely (Faerie #1) by Melissa Marr
Rating: B
Comment: Finished it right away. Enjoyed the first book will wait until the 4th book comes out becuase 3rd book seems like such a cliffhanger

57. Magic to the Bone (Allie Beckstrom #1) by Devon Monk
Rating: B
Comment: I like the concept of the book and it was pretty interesting. It lacks a certain cohesiveness though and you are left with so many questions in the end. It seems like her job as a hound was just an afterthought.

56. Hawke's Pride by Norah Hess
Rating: B+
Comment: Went on a romance kick this month and after I read this, I found out that I quite enjoyed it. Started to read he other books because of this too.

55. Devil in Spurs by Norah Hess

Rating: C
Comment: I have to admit I like the characters of the story and it had promise to become one of those good romances you can't seem to put down but I was disappointed that the characters especially the hero and heroine weren't really developed. I found myself skipping over some parts in the middle because it went on and on and then the end was a bit anticlimactic and the scene with tina should have happened 3 chapters ago! I think it just bugs be that Jonty was suppose to be a strong character but some scenes of her were just too meek for me. Sigh too bad.

54. Stray (Werecats #1) by Rachel Vincent
Rating: C+
Comment: Honestly, I hated the character from the beginning until around halfway the book. She pretty much whined and complained the whole time and I didn't think that her defense had any legitimate standing. She was acting more 16 than the 23 she is. It reminded me so much of Kelley Armstrong's Elena, right down to the rogue shifter and to the guy. The action and story did pick up around the latter half of the book and I rated it C+ because it did make me want to start with the next book in the series.

53. Bedeviled (A Queen of the Otherworld #1) by Maureen Child
Rating: C+
Comment: The reason that I'm giving this just an Ok is that I was not satisfied with the way it ended. You spend a big part of the book reading about how the changes are coming and how the heroine fights to ignore her destiny and how she begins to accept it. Then sudden confrontatiion that is open ended and finished. Read more on book two. I liked the premise of the book, that was what made me pick up this novel. This is Child's first paranormal novel. she often writes romances

52. The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Kitchen Witch #3) by Annette Blair
Rating: B
Comment:Third in the Kitchen witch series and an opening focuses on Victoria, Mel's vintage shop friend. Vicky who has denied she ever had magic her whole life, opens her ancestor's wardrobe, yes the one that prophesizes that whoever opens it inherits said ancestor's magic. Out pops a carousel unicorn and the scot who she litereary dreams about enters her life. Turns out his ancestor was the one who made the unicorn, and he needed it to gain back the respect for his family name. And right where things were getting steamy, Vicky's long lost magical triplet sisters pops up.
The book was an easy enough read, fun and some scenes were laugh out funny.Kira's story is still my favorite.

51: Halle Pumas Series by Dana Marie Bell
1. The Wallflower
2. Sweet Dreams
3. Cat in a Different Color
4. Steel Beauty

Rating: B+
Comment: I decided to lump all the books together because they felt more anthology lumped together than novels. I love Dana Marie Bell!! Her books are so funny and I can't wait for the next one!

50. Witch Hunt (Ophelia and Abby Mysteries #4) by Shirley Daamsgard
Rating: B
Comment: I admit that I liked this fourth book by Daamsgard. The mystery was interesting and I didn't find Abby as annoying as before. The whole fight with Abby felt kind of forced to me but all in all it was good. The one thing that feels weird for me is that at every book I feel like Ophelia is still at the same position she is when in the first book in terms of accepting her magic. I feel like she's repeating her struggle from the beginning everybook.

49. The Witch is Dead (Ophelia and Abby Mysteries #5) by Shirley Daamsgard
Rating: C+
Comment: I just gave this an ok, I didn't really like most parts of the book in that Ophelia annoyed me the whole time. And I don't know why but I figured out who the kidnapper was right after Tink was kidnapped. I didn't really think the mystery was all that strong. Aunt Dot didn't really endear me to her all that much. The book was  so-so, would probably still read the nect book though.

58. Really Unusual Bad Body by MaryJanice Davidson
Rating: B
Comment: MarjJanice Davidson is always a fun read. Given that this book is anthology so you don't really see any development. It was fun and easy read, but didn't really leave any impression, So I can't really judge it any higher. I didn't like the 2nd story so much but enjoyed the other 2 especially the 3rd one.