Monday, August 04, 2008

August Reads: 44. Murder Unleashed ( A Dead-End Job Mystery) by Elaine Viets

Book 5 in the Dead-End Job Mysteries

Helen's new Dead end job is at a pet store that caters to the rich and the extravagant.  Pet groomers that needs an appointment, dog cuisine that's more expensive than the food in a normal person's fridge are just one of the examples of services that the Pampered Pet Boutique offers. While delivering one of these pooches to her owner, Helen discovers the naked dead body near the pool, stabbed by 10-inch grooming scissors. Panicking, Helen runs and erases evidence at the scene. On the same day, one of the most famouse clients, a labrapoodle is kidnapped by one of the dueling owners of the dog. Also a hurricane is reported to be heading straight to South Florida and people are rushing to stock up and fortify their houses. With the hurricane coming as well as being suspected of both crimes, Helen must try to find the killer and the dog under the onslaught of this disastrous wedding.

Well, a lot of things did happen in the story and the ending was kind of good,where that it was ended well in my opinion but from the time Helen discovers the murdered Tammie to finding the killer, Helen just seemed to become more and more paranoid of being discovered by her ex and kept making stupid mistakes. And she goes all the way to ask for advice but never listens to me. This book kind of left me disappointed if I want to be honest. The premise was good and the story wasn't bad but I just didn't like Helen in the book. I know it was really painful to be betrayed by her ex and by telling Phil her story made her a little more free from her husband's hold. Kudos to her on that. I've been thinking about it but when she was in court with her husband, didn't she have all the money? why did she end up with the stupid lawyer and her husband gets a shark . It just never made sense to me. Couldn't she have filed in another court,s ue her husband or something. Sooner or later she has to face her husband, she can't really continue living like that . I'm getting frustrated. I would still like to read the other 3 books but I think I'll just wait until teh mooch is available. C+

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August Reads: 45. Just Murdered ( A Dead-End Job Mystery) by Elaine Viets

I figured while I'm still on a roll and fresh from reading the book, might as well write about it.

Book 4 of the Dead end job mysteries.

The latest dead end job Helen has is working in a bridal shop. You would imagine it would be full of smiles and joy but not in Fort Lauderdale. The bridal shop is set to tailor the wedding of the daughter one of the biggest names in the city. The mother is cold manipulative woman who could care less about her daughter, a mousy girl who has secrets of her own. So when Kiki, the mother is found dead on the wedding day, suffocated by the bride's wedding gown. Helen has the hard job of narrowing down the suspects of people who all have motive of killing Kiki. From her ex-husband who she was milking money from with all the wedding expenses, to the boy-toy chauffeur who she was supposed to leave a million on her will, to the daughter, the actor son-in-all, all the way to the theater people she endorses. When Helen's fingerprints are found in the wedding dress, she has to hurry and clear her name before the police figure out her secret as well as deal with Phil's country singer soon-to-be-ex wife who is staying at Phil's place.

I did enjoy this book and I loved the part when Helen was feeling overwhelmed by all the selfishness that goes on in the people that go to the braidal shop and one customer came in and completely turned everything around. I think the mystery was quite solid with a whole garden of evil kind of theme. It was sad and tragic and ironic all at the same time. Phil... man stupid move... never ever surprise a girlfriend like that. Brings back the whole Ross-Rachel episode for me. The only thing for me here is that the story of Helen's past is becomming so repetitive to me. Also, the romance between Phil and Helen seemed to just sprung out of nowhere, where now both parties are declaring love to each other, leaving me feeling like I missed a book or something. I'm sensing I'm close to brink with the series and might need to take a hiatus. B

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