Sunday, April 12, 2009

Watchers in the Night (Guardians of the Night #1) by Jenna Black

They hunt in every major city, hidden by the crowds, shielded by disbelief. They are Killers, and their prey is human.
Not all vampires are Killers. The Guardians of the Night sacrifice the superior physical and psychic strength that comes with feeding on humans to protect them. But the Guardians walk a thin line, for even a single kill could leave them helplessly addicted to murder.
When detective-turned-P.I. Carolyn Mathers was left at the altar, she never once thought her fiance had been turned into a vampire. Two years later, Gray reappears, bringing murder, mystery, and an unbelievable tale of Guardians, blood-thirsty Killers, and his own transformation with him.
And he's been accused of murder.
A first-rate P.I., Carolyn is determined to help. Gray won't allow what he is now to taint her -- but Carolyn vows to never let him go again.
But will helping Gray mean becoming a creature of the night?”

I read the frist book in Black’s new Morgan Kingsley urban fantasy series and in all honesty, the heroine annoyed me so much. She was so childish and bitter and judgemental that I really didn’t relate to her. The ending of the first book kind of redeemed it for me and I thought that I would be willing to read the next book in the series just to see.

This book is part of her paranormal romance series so since I got the first book and it’s on my pending list I should give it a go. The book was ok, nothing special. There wasn’t really anything in the story that grabbed me on the characters. I didnt hate the heroine or hero but Jules annoyed me so much. I like Drake though and would like to read more of the series, I guess just not on the top of my priority list.

Someone has been killing women and the Guardians think it’s a Killer vampire. In their world there are two kinds of vampires: those who have developed the taste of killing and those who have chose not to give in to their baser instincts most of which are Guardians.

Gray, a solo vampire is the prime suspect as the Killer and Carolyn, obsessed with finding out the truth about Gray and hsi big change unwittingly becomes a target of the killer as well. And how everyone is much more powerful than Gray make him come across as kind of a wussy vampire. Go Figure

Rating C

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