Monday, November 02, 2009

October Readings

Woot I've managed to finish my reading goal for this year!! Although haven't read any literary books hehehe

9. We'll Always have Parrots (Meg Lanslow #5) by Donna Andrews
Comment:I love Meg and her family! Although we're only treated to a slightly smaller number this time since the only family members here were Meg's parents and her nephew Eric. It was still a fun read.
8: Cockatails at Seven (Meg Lanslow #9) by Donna Andrews
Comment:Meg and her family are at it again hehe This is a few books after the last one I read so some events and characters can get a little confusing without any background information. All in all a great read. And there's a baby involved, plus I just love Rob. All in all a great read.
7. Trick or Treat Murder (Lucy Stone Mysteries #3) by Leslie Meier
Rating: B
Comment:Not bad at all , I enjoyed the first book of the series and since I can't seem to find the 2nd one skipped to this one.
   Back to School Murder (Lucy Stone Mysteries #4) by Leslie Meier
Rating: C-
Comment:Sometimes I come across books that I'm not really in the mood for to read or something about it turns me off. In good conscious I didn't number it because I didn't finish the book. The book pretty much centered on Lucy and how unhappy she was about her family and her husband and is even contemplating an affair. I thought they were such a happy family in the last book. huh where did that come from? From loving #3 to totally hating #4, dissapointing
6. The Immortal Hunter by Lynsay Sands
Rating: B
Comment:Not bad, I miss the Argeneau family and this book was a nice read. My only qualm is that while reading in the middle my desire to continue got lost and then picked up again later. Can't wait to read the next book though.
5. My Favorite Witch by Lisa Plumley
Rating: B-
Comment:ok read. This was just a normal read for me. Might think of reading the sequel if she ever decides to write one.
4.Owls Well That Ends Well (Meg Lanslow #6) by Donna Andrews
Comment:Went through a Donna Andrews phase this month, I have to admit that when you start reading one you just have to continue reading the books in the series. Love Meg! One of the series that I'm always looking forward to. After reading this went out and bought the next one in the series!
3.No Rest for the Wicket (Meg Lanslow #7) by Donna Andrews
Comment: I really can't decide which one in the series is my favorite because I love them all. Extreme Cricket! Winner!! And I love Rob ! Bought the 8th book too and the 10th paperback is coming out Novermber so can't wait for that.
2. Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton
Comment: I was a little disappointed in the book because I love the cover and I love the premise of the book but it didn't really leave me satisfied after reading it.
1. On the Edge by Ilona Andrews
Comment:I love Ilona Andrews!! She always leaves me satisfied and waiting for more whenever I read her books. I haven't been writing down the books that I've read in October completely but this totally deserves to be the #1 spot for my goal this year. While heavily anticipating her next Kate book, I was quite intrigued by her new series. As my book bud Olive, mentioned, I do agree that this reads more like paranormal romance than Urban Fantasy but I love it all the same. I love how Andrews makes everything so gritty but the characters so positive(in a way) and likeable. Next book in the series will be about William. Can't wait!


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Know Thyself said...

Me too love Ilona Andrews. Do you have Donna Kaufman's book as an Ebook? Can you email me? Love ya!