Monday, May 19, 2008

97. Goddess of the Light by PC Cast

 Goddess of the Light is the 3rd book in the Goddess series. With the change in Persephone (See Goddess of the Spring), Zeus has a great idea to open up the mortal realm for the Gods and Goddesses to experience and the twins Apollo and Artemis go to Las Vegas where Bacchus, god of wine, full of jealousy and resentment for being once more usurped by the golden twins plots his revenge. Pamela Smythe is inadvertedly drawn into the mix when she unconcsciously bound Artemis to her wish( though Bacchus), and Apollo is given the task of wooing and making her wish come true.

The book actually started pretty good, I love how Lina and Hades were tied to the story and how seeing them affected Apollo and go on his own search for love. Enter Pamela who was in Las Vegas to look at a design for the estate of famous fantasy author ED Faust. Apollo and Pamela fall in love and overcomes the chaos that Bacchus creates. I like how ED Faust was incorporated in the book, too. But personally the ending of a book affects how much I like the book and the book just ended up weird for me. I felt that the characters weren't that deeveloped when bam the end so I ended up with mix feelings about the book as a whole. It was an ok read.

Rating: B -

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