Monday, May 19, 2008

Goddess of the Sea by PC Cast

The first book in the Goddes series is Goddess of the Sea but it  can work as a standalone also. I thought that this was the 2nd book in the series so I ended up reading this after reading Goddess of the Spring and Goddess of the Rose.

Basically is about this Air Force Sergeant who wished for magic in ther life. During an airplance crash, she magically trades body with Undine. And gets transported into the world of the Gods and Goddesses. And there she becomes empowered and falls in love amidst all the challenges.

Admittedly , I was on a role reading Cast's books so I wanted to get read a smuch as I can. I liked this book but not as much as I like Goddess of the Spring though. The whole plot is similar to the Little Mermaid with a stronger female character with a kind of twist. The heroine becomes a mermaid but finds out that her stepbrother is obsessed with her so to escape him, she went to land, her mother's dwelling and finds the prince and shelter in a monastery run by a haughty and bigotted monk, while falling with love with Undine's childhood merman friend. Some parts were a bit too new age goddess for me but all in all it was a good read.  

Rating: B

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