Monday, May 19, 2008

98. Goddess of the Rose by PC Cast

Goddess of the Rose is the 4th book in the Goddess series and actually the first one I've read of PC Cast. Using the story of Beauty and the Beast, the story tells of how Mikki ended up in the Realm of the Roses where she is destined to play a big role as well as fall in love with the guardian of the realm

The book started a little slow for me actually, MIkki had a whole my life is going nowhere moment at the beginning of the book with even a disastrous date and where we find out that her blood helps her roses grow. In the rose gardens, she unknowingly frees the guardian of the realm who was cursed by the Goddess Hecate for a mistake he made and Mikki ends up in the realm of the rose where ebcomes the Priestess.

I like how Cast writes strong female characters and the ending had the awww factor for me. I didn't love it but it was ok. A good introduction to the author.

Rating: B

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